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Waste Treatment Consultants and Contract Engineer - EPAS is specialised in the purification of wastewater and gives process-technical advice to industries within Belgium and abroad. We focus mainly on biological processes - Environmental Expert is an independent business publisher. Environmental Expert focuses on the business needs of environmental industry professionals, and is a recognized leader in the field - Welcome to Water and - "The best web site for the water treatment professional - CommonWealth Resource Management Corporation, helps our clients plan and implement programs, facilities, systems and services for managing waste streams, for recovering value from waste, and for utilizing renewable and other energy resources, in ways that are environmentally responsible and economically sound - Integrated Engineers` approach to water & wastewater systems is unique in that we evaluate the entire wastewater process. We perform a comprehensive evaluation of the client’s system including engineering aspects, equipment and chemistry - Infilco Degremont provides high performance solutions that result from the latest technological advancements in drinking water, wastewater and sludge treatment. Our water treatment specialists evaluate each application, from process design to equipment supply to operations training, then determine the best solution