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Machine Listing - Aerators

IEN 117844
Equipment Class New Equipment
Speed 900 RPM
Type Floating Aerators
Float Diameter 72" - 126"
HP 5 HP - 75 HP

  Floating Aerator – This New Equipment is available in three models. The 900 Series Aerator is available in sizes ranging from 5 HP – 75 HP, at 900 RPM, with Float diameters 72 – 126 inches. Model 1200 and model 1800 are available with 1200 and1800 RPM motors up to 50 and up to 30 HP respectively with float diameters up to 88 inch. Each model aerator is highly efficient with minimized vibration and greater water turnover capacity per horsepower than any other aerator we know of. The units we offer have large heavy-duty diffusers with more surface area for inrushing water to follow, resulting in less spray susceptible to drift, as well as reduced vibration, (below 0.20 mils), leading toward a longer life. Due to superior engineering and a simplified design these aerators are the most effective, energy efficient aerators available.