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Machine Listing - Water Treatment Systems

IEN 120142
Gallons / Min 400
Metallurgy 316SS
Capacity 500 gal
Equipment Class RW RO System
HP 30 pump

  400 GPM, Skid-Mounted Raw Water Reverse Osmosis System with Softener. 400 GPM maximum flow. This unit utilizes a single pass, two membranes array, operating at 78% recovery. CIP Tank Immersion Heater provided, CIP Tank Capacity: 500 gal. Pump design capacity 240 gpm at 56 psig discharge head. Feed pumps are vertical, multi-stage design. Pump casing and impeller are 316SS, with a 480V, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 3600 RPM, 30 HP motor with TEFC enclosure. Pump suction constructed of PVC with SS fasteners. Gauges manufactured by Ashcroft. Two chemical feed system are supplied for addition of Antiscalant and Sodium Bisulfate for Raw Water RO Primary System pretreatment. Vessel design pressure is 150 PSIG. Filter membranes not included.