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Machine Listing - Water Treatment Systems

IEN 120662
Flow Rate 52 GPM
Equipment Class RO Purfication Units

  75,000 GPD (52 GPM) Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit - Skid Mounted. 40’ shipping container completely piped and wired for the system. Two Cartridge Filter Housing/5 micron. Two 100% Chemical injection system (w/start-up chemicals); Multi-Media Filter System (2 filters); 100% 75,000 GPD Single Pass RO Skid to include: Chemical tank and pump for Tri-Polyphosphate • Calcite Feed system to adjust permeate hardness • 100% High pressure RO pump and motor • Pressure vessels • Three Toray TM-720-400 Membrane Vessels (5 membranes in each) • Controls and instrumentation including PLC for automated operation •